Akagi Ritsuko

Neon Genesis Evangelion



A pretty much last-minute costume that I decided to put together in order to be part of an amazing NGE group! With the exception of the wig, which I need to fix/change for possible future photoshoots, I'm very happy with the outcome.

Costume details:

- The skirt is made of polyester and is fully lined. I could actually imagine wearing the skirt outside of cosplay, if the hem weren't so short. xD Nonetheless, I really poured my heart into this piece of clothing and I believe it shows. I'm quite proud of the outcome!

- I dyed the fabric for the shirt. For Ritsuko's trademark zipper puller, I bought two rings of different size, combined them and replaced them with the original the zipper puller.

- The belt was purchased, and I already had the shoes in my closet.

- The brooch was constructed from wonderflex and painted with acrylic paints.

- The wig was purchased from Arda.

- In order not to run out of time, I bought the lab coat from a costume store and modified the pockets. It was a troublesome task, since the jacket is made of absolutely hideous, bad-quality polyester and started to fray the moment the scissors touched the fabric. x.x Not my best piece of work, but it worked for the purpose.

- The super-cheap reading glasses were purchased from a local store. Sadly, I can wear them only for a short amount of time since I wear strong contacts. xD

- The earrings were constructed from diamond-shaped pearls (painted) and craft store supplies. It's a shame that they don't really show in the photos, since they're my absolute favourite aspect of this costume!

Costume icon photo by Tomu.


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Series Neon Genesis Evangelion
Character Akagi Ritsuko


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