Dark Magician Girl




This cosplay was so much fun to wear and make-it was a nice change from the armor I've been doing to more of a sewing project! It felt so good to work on these types of things.

SO here is the breakdown

The skirt has interfacing in it which made it stiffer allowing it to have a more stiff and "flyaway" look to it. I didn't like how it looked when I just made it as a regular pleated skirt without anything, so I was real thrilled that it worked well with the interfacing.

Body, arm guards, and shoulder piece:
The main bodice was made like a corset with a zipper that went down the front-this way, the bodice would be more form fitted and not too lose or anything. The shoulder piece is separately attached to the bodice and reinforced with interfacing, once again giving it a stiffer look and feel to it. All the jewels were made from resin. The arm guards were just fabric sewn together-nothing fancy.

The cape used wire in it to give it the "flyaway" look to it. It was hard trying to sit with that thing though....

Made from a pair of flats and covered.

Made of fabric, foam, and interfacing. I don't remember exactly how I got it to work, but it just did...I tried to take it apart to remake it and fix it but I just couldn't really do anything with it...oh well..

The staff was made by Lutea from model magic, paper clay, and pvc pipe.


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lutea omg! i think i saw you at otafest! you were awesome!