Edward Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist



I wanted to make Ed as perfectly as possible, so I worked extra hard to make everything as accurately as I could. I made nearly every piece of this costume - jacket, coat, undershirt, belt, shoes. It took a couple of weeks to finish everything, and I even styled his wig from scratch.

Only the gloves, pocketwatch, and pants were not made by me.


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Series Fullmetal Alchemist
Character Edward Elric
Variant regular


Koholint For some reason I'm not seeing the option to reply to a comment, so I will just answer the comments in a new one ;-; @Karitsa: Thank you!!! The wig was something that required a lot of pre-styling prep: I sewed extra wefts into the existing bangs of the wig because Ed's bangs are something I wanted to do as correctly as possible, and that meant having a lot of fiber to work with. After I styled the braid, I worked on the bangs, and I did indeed tease them upwards, and then hairsprayed them in order to make them stay up :3 I actually plan to fix the wig a little more before I wear Ed again because the hairspray wore out kind of fast, and I want a more permanent 'poof' to the bangs xD! @Psychokaos: Thank you, I appreciate hearing that :D

Karitsa Wow, this is awesome! Did you tease the bangs? I love how they poof up like that!

psychokaos amazing job on the fma :)