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Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice And Fire



When I was given the opportunity to attend RingCon (Europe's biggest fantasy convention), I really wanted to make a GoT costume for the event, since the actors from the HBO series are featured prominently this year and it's the most popular theme (along with The Hobbit maybe.)

In the books, Catelyn is my favorite female characater (next to her daughter, Arya.) I love how strong and mature Cat is, in a very down-to-earth, Queen Mum kind of way!

This is the dress Catelyn wears throughout season 1 and part of season 2; all of her gowns seem to have the same cut, but she uses different fabrics and this one's the least 'regal', being worn on travels and at home in Winterfell.

It was hard to tell what color the dress is exactly, and harder still to find the perfect matching fabric. The fabrics I found were a bit too green, so I ended up dyeing them a dull blue/green shade, in a painstaking trial and error process.

I tried to use fabrics that are fit for a down-to-earth Northerner: Heavy wool for the surcoat, firm linen for the dress, lightweight wool for the undergarment, and thick, silky faux fur for the trimmings that almost looks like a wolf pelt. It's really warm and comfortable, and I love how the fabrics look together IRL and in photos!

Cost: EUR 280 (~ US$ 385)


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Series Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice And Fire
Character Catelyn Stark


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