Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 5

@Maicou Maniezzo


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@Maicou Maniezzo
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Series Resident Evil 5
Character Chris Redfield
Variant BSAA


Javi_Chambers You the best Chris! marry me, hahaha ok, no

Criana Wow!

techandl You and your costume look just like RE5 Chris, fantastic work!

Rinoa07 You look amazing!!!

Hooded Woman You make an amazing Chris!

kleptomaniac great Chris!

davidpelan Damn impressive. How'd you do the tactical vest?

winryrockbell27 Whoa, this is awesome.

Straywind Nice work on your costume! You look amazing! (^_^)

xLilMissGinger Woah! Nice Chris! :')

RICKFIELD ÊÊÊ tu também está aqui é? :D Pô legal! Como já disse, acho esse seu cosplay do Chris excelente. Parabéns! ^^

Seority Look at those arms! Haha, nice job!

AmandaSavi Seu Chris ficou ótimo ^^

slarson802 Wow! This costume is amazing! And I am very picky with my Chris Redfields. ;] haha. Great job!

Wren Very nice Chris!

Koona K. You look intense! Great outfit. You make an awesome Chris!