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This had been a dream cosplay of mine since I was about 12, but I didn't have anyone who wanted to cosplay Dragonball with me. I also didn't have the confidence to do it alone, so I never got motivated to make it. But last year I decided to just go for it and do it, even if I'm alone. Best decision ever! Doing this was so much fun!!

I wore this at Tsunacon 2011, Elf Fantasy Fair 2011 and Abunai 2011.

I made the entire costume and the sword by myself. My mom taught me how to sew with a machine as I was going, so I aquired some much needed sewing skills in the process. =D Only the jacket was modified from an existing jacket, everything else was done from scratch. I also cut and styled the wig myself, and upgraded it with some extensions for the bangs for Abunai 2011.

A description of how I did the shoes can be found at:

I randomly wore this again for Jump Festa 2019


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