Tinker Bell



I really need to stop making costumes a few days before the con &gt;~< If I did, this one would have turned out better....

A bunch of my friends and I decided to do the Tinker Bell fairies awhile ago and I was assigned to Fawn ^_^ It was a very rushed costume but my original top I was using for Fawn dissolved in the dye so I had to cut up an orange T-shirt and make do with that &gt;_<;; The pants were old-lady pants that I bought at the thrift store and fixed up. The wig was a total flop because I couldn't find a pony tail extension that matched my base wig.....so I had to buy a weave XD It did not turn out the way I hoped it would but thats what I get for trying to style a wig the night before the con ^_^;; Oh, and one of our friends made our pretty wings <3 They turned out so lovely!

Either way, we all had a magical time as fairies <3 I loved how the little kids kept running up to us and asking for our pictures XD It was really cute ^^ I'll eventually remake Fawn and make it look good ^^;


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