Claire Redfield

Resident Evil Code: Veronica



Claire is genuinely one of my new favourite video game characters, she's such a hero, and I absolutely love her. I only got really obsessed with Resident Evil this summer, and I was only able to watch the games, but oh how I now LOVE them!
This cosplay was actually pretty spontaneous with San Japan being around the corner and not having time to finish what I wanted to. I managed to run to the Fabric store and the goodwill to find everything I needed. So here's the run down
The only things I didn't alter were the belt, the shoes and my hair.
The Pants I actually already had, and I altered them to be more accurate. Making them shorter, fixing the belt loops and pockets, etc.
The black shirt was altered from a 2XL unisex shirt from Goodwill.
The Gloves were made out of a brown t-shirt and hand sewn.
The vest was the only thing made 100% from scratch. The pattern was altered from New Look 6941. The vest itself is lined and contains a pocket on the inside which amused me greatly. The outside of the vest is made from vinyl that I hand sewed. And I free hand painted the design on the back and front.


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Series Resident Evil Code: Veronica
Character Claire Redfield


Stina006 Your Claire has got to be my fav cosplay you have :*o*