Daenerys Targaryen

A Song of Ice and Fire



I cosplayed Daenerys with a group of fifty!
We made also our Iron Throne.

I made my and Viserys costume, the chest with my eggs and parts of Drogo costume... and I was one of the builders of the Throne, of course!! Yes I'm mad!^^


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Series A Song of Ice and Fire
Character Daenerys Targaryen
Variant Wedding dress


RoxasRAWR I'm curious what pattern did you use for the dress?

RavenTifa I have to ask how did you make the eggs? O.O They're the most spot on copies of them that I've seen!

Sephirayne Brilliant costume and group. Love the props and the details. Well done on getting such a large group together.

Mohmoh lovely

Narnian Gorgeous cosplay and photos!

Shahrazad I'm absolutely floored by your Daenerys and Game of Thrones group.... and your throne... damn! I'm envious and awe-inspired! I'm looking into cosplaying Daenerys in the near future. I'm not doing the same version as you, but it's still great to see what other people have done for inspiration! Where did you get your wig just wondering?

Kiandra You are a stunning Daenerys!