Nora Arendt

Spice and Wolf



Nora is a character I love because she is so like me. When Relterra mentioned that she was going to be Holo for Tomodachi Fest, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to be Nora. Thus this cosplay was born about three days before the con.

Fortunately, this was a rather easy cosplay to make. There are a few pieces I need to finish and make before I wear her again, but overall I am very happy with this cosplay. I used many different fabrics and textures for this cosplay since Nora is a shepherdess and would use fabrics that would fit a variety of weather conditions.

The skirt and shirt were constructed from a bed sheet and basic skirt and shirt patterns. The belt is a soft fleece rectangle that I folded and draped until it looked right while the cape is a courser fleece that I pinned and cut until it looked right. The vest was the easiest piece since I found the perfect base at a second hand store and modified it to fit. Finally, the wig was one given to me by Relterra that I chopped up to fit. If you have any questions about this cosplay just ask.


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Series Spice and Wolf
Character Nora Arendt


Fallow Excellent!

Relterra Beautiful and detailed as always!