Naruto: Shippūden



Here's my very first cosplay, done for Montreal Comiccon 2015 and Otakuthon 2015.

It all started when my roomate initiated me to animes last Fall. During the following winter, I discovered the art of cosplay and conventions. It didn't take me much time to decide to jump on the bandwagon myself; I started to work on the costume during Spring, so it would be ready for Summer!
To decide on the character though, I went with the first anime I watched: Naruto! I looked for something not too difficult, someone who has same eye color as mine (I didn't wanted to buy contacts on my first year of cosplay!)... and finally with the help of my other roomate I decided to go with Deidara!

The costume is all made from scratch, with the precious help of my mother. To be honest, she did the most difficult parts of the sewing, but I learned a lot while making the patterns, cutting the fabrics, ask her questions and looking at her work. And it was fun!
I styled the wig by myself, made the mouths for my hands, makeup (I'm not very used to put so much products on my face!), sandals and tweaked the headband a bit. I made a LOT of research before attacking each part, but still there are some things I would have done differently. However, I'm proud of how it turned out!


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Series Naruto: Shippūden
Character Deidara


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