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I got asked to be in a Sailor Moon group for CONvergence 2015. Sailor Moon is nostalgic for me, so I of course agreed.

Since it was such a large group, our Neptune worked on the patterns. I'm still fairly new at working with spandex, so it was a bit of a pain to make the bodysuit. I had the zipper break on me a couple of days before we all wore them, and I had a stressful time finishing up details. The bows and collar are detachable. I am considering remaking the bodysuit and skirt since I cut corners to complete it in time. We opted to skip making the sleeve petals due to lack of time, but they will be made before the next time it's worn. The brooch and tiara were ordered off of an Etsy page along with the rest of the groups'. The glove base is another part mass purchased, but the rolls are made by me. For such a small detail, I'm really happy with how I made my choker and earrings.


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Mars
Variant Super Sailor Mars


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