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Photos by Sara.

Exact cost: 34.41 €.

Making of process:

Mirajane is my favorite character from Fairy Tail. I also worked as a waitress and this way I connected more with her. She is a retired member of the Fairy Tail guild and now she is a model and waitress at the guild's home. She is beautiful and always smiling, but she is also strong and brave.

This dress was really entertaining to do. It is a 3/4 circle skirt and a top. When I put them together, it looks like a one piece dress, but in reality it is made of two pieces. I used Setzer's wig with a black hair tie attached to the bangs. I also had the blue circle lenses, leather cord for the pendant and the make-up.

I bought 3 meters of tergal fabric (similar to the one used to make office and school clothing) in red and 1 m. of pink gabardine. I also bought a pair of flamenco heels because these are super comfortable to wear. I could run and jump and walk all the day in the con and my feet were ok. Althought I used a pair of tight socks with them just in case I got wounds. I bought two blue jewellery stones, a red zipper for the skirt and yellow foam for the bracelet.

I searched for the tutorial for the 3/4 circlet skirt, made the pattern and then cut the pieces for it. I sew everything together and added a zipper and a waistband. Then I did the pattern for the red top, cut the fabric and sew everything together. I then cut stripes of the pink gabardine, sew the edges and gathered all of them. I sew everything in the edges of the top. I cut, sew and gathered two stripes to attach the top to my neck. I made three ribbons with the pink gabardine and sew them on the sides and the top.

Finally I just needed to glue the two blue stones together, added a piece of a round wire and used a black leather cord to attach the stones and wear the pendant. I made the bracelet with yellow foam, then made flowers with the foam and glued them on the bracelet. In order to wear it, I used white velcro. This way I could put and remove the bracelet from my arm.

To add some props to the cosplay, I bought a translucent plastic tray and a cute plastic jar.


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Series Fairy Tail
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