Howl Pendragon

Howl's Moving Castle



One of my first ever dream cosplays - and I actually had the chance to do it! Howl's such an interesting, flawed and complex character. Plus the movie's incredible. (That soundtrack!!!)

Because we were competing in the masquerade, I wanted to put as much detail as I could into the costume. The harlequin pattern on the jacket was individually cut out and sewed back together because I hate myself apparently. There was also an extra layer of fabric added to the jacket to give it some weight, and I made it several sizes up because that jacket is HUGE on Howl, so. The necklace, rings and earrings were also handmade. (The pants were pulled from my closet though haha)

This is one of my absolute favorite costumes, not because of how comfortable it was and how it turned out, but just the experience of wearing it. Backstage at the masquerade was so fun and so was performing! 11/10 would do again.


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Series Howl's Moving Castle
Character Howl Pendragon


Laerai Every single one of these photos is so well done. Beautiful job.