Hozumi Kohinata

Prince of Stride



Prince of Stride quickly became one of my most favorite animes. Despite being only half a season, I really enjoyed the series. And who doesn't love the adorable boys in it??? <3

I knew Hozumi was gonna be my favorite before it aired, and sure enough, he didn't prove me wrong. I fell more and more in love with him as I watched the series. He's so precious. <333

I practically had everything for this cosplay save for the wig and jacket. So I bought both of them off ebay. I had to cut the bangs on the wig as well as trim it a little.

I found my old camera bag and painted it for Hozumi's bag. I made his little kitty keychain from scratch.

I also made a panda head plush to mimic the panda pastry he holds in the first episode. I also bought cat paws for the cosplay, since he also uses them in an episode.


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Series Prince of Stride
Character Hozumi Kohinata


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