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Before I'd even had the chance to play Xillia, I got interested in Gaius when some friends said I should cosplay him. Once I got my hands on the game, I was happy to see that both his character and design really appealed to me. This outfit was very satisfying to work on, and no other costume has made me feel as majestic as wearing Gaius does. I love it.

-Trying to figure out how many separate pieces this outfit is supposed to consist of was rather confusing. I ended up combining the three coat tiers into one piece to make sure they would stay in place. The sleeves are part of the red garment under the coat.

-In order to go along with the fire motif, I lined the coat in orange taffeta. The way light shifts on it when I move creates a vaguely flame-like effect.

-The coat and boots are made of pleather, and the red and black piece is duchess satin.

-To make the flames on the coat and boots, red pleather was first glued on and some of it was then coloured orange with leather paint. The pleather could be cut cleanly, but since the lining was made of a different fabric, I went around the edges with fray check to get a neat finish.

-The rest of the designs on the coat are cotton and bias tape.

-I sandwiched some foam between two layers of fabric and sewed around the pieces to create fake muscles attached to the shirt. Adding this detail was apparently a very good decision - I cannot believe how much attention those abs got.

-I used craft foam for all of the armour pieces. The shoulder guards and upper arm pieces snap onto the coat and sleeves, the little plates have velcro, and the headpiece is attached to a hairband.

-The shirt and boots have zippers, and the coat has snaps that attach to the front of the shirt.

-The base of my sword is balsa wood, which was easy to work with but a terrible idea in the sense that I was constantly worried the thing would break.


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