BalthierFlare as Rikku


Final Fantasy X-2


Cosplayer: BalthierFlare
yayyy I love the colors in this costume so I decided to make it (plus I wasn't going to re-wear the Dark Knight armor again oh gosh no)
Construction Notes:

Wig was styled by me, one base blonde wig. The braids in the top are tucked into the ponytail to give it those weird poofs.

The bodice is suede and upholstery fabric in tan and dark green. It zips up the side and also has a vest tightener thing in the back. The lacing is fake, the red gromet-ish things are thumbtacks painted red. They looked like the hooks on riding boots and not actually gromets to me, so this is why I chose to make it fake lacing.

The straps are biased taped sewed and glued together. The choker attaches with hook and eyes, the back straps snap onto the bodice and the side straps are sewn into the sleeves.

The sleeves are so so long XD They are 100% cotton in red lined with extra yellow fabric from my Tidus cosplay haha. (they are Gryffindor colors!!!) The white on the end is also 100% cotton and was used in the gradient strips. These were hand dyed in gradients. I started by dyeing them yellow, then orange, then red~! I also took a sponge brush and brushed orange into the yellow to make it a more natural gradient and did the same with the red dye. The zig-zags are brown embroidery thread done by hand. The gradients were sewn on by hand with fat white thread. I felt weird doing this but it is actually in the ref art haha

The skirt is super massive and I need to rig it better because I could barely move except for shuffle which was actually really funny. It also kept coming detached even after I re-sewed it and reinforced it twice =__= There is a base white skirt (the same fabric white as on the sleeves) then I added the yellow strip in the center. I sewed on the blue ribbon next and then I created the massive over-skirt. This is 5 yards of 100% yellow cotton that I hand dyed a red-orange to orange to yellow gradient. I then gathered it and sewed it together (I cut the five yards at the fold) and then sewed into the blue ribbon. The blue pockets are dark blue duck canvas and are hand stitched on like the reference with fat dark blue thread. The blue ribbon was then added, sewn and glued in, and the buckles are made from craft foam, painted by me, and glued on.

The contacts are DollyEye green.

The monkey started as a brown puppet monkey I found at Goodwill. He was spray painted orange and white. Then I painted him with a mix of acrylic and fabric paints for spray paints I did have. The feathers and headpieces are craft foam. The blue mane and white side-burn things are wefts from old wigs XD I painted his face and eyes with acrylics. He squeaks too! XDD

All of the patterns were made by me.

//so much cotton makes it so hard for this to stay unwrinkled, gah!!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

le sold. I kind of miss this puppy and especially my creepy ice cream monkey, but it's all gud. I'd love to remake it or do more dresspheres (BERSERKER HULLO)