Poison Ivy/Pamela Lillian Isley




I have had plans with my friend to do Arkham Asylum: Living Hell influenced costumes, and when the club I go to hosted a Heroes Vs. Villains night I finally decided to finish it. I based a lot of it off of the concept art from Arkham Asylum for Ivy.

I always have ivy covered underwear as my Poison Ivy staple, so I based with that, and used a bright orange shirt, and painted "Arkham Asylum" on the back, with her prisoner number on the front pocket.
I painted my whole entire body with Ben Nye Magicake Aqua Paints in Tropical Green [which I'm not doing ever again because it took so much damn time... hellooooo airbrush investment, go!] and painted vines on with acrylic dark green paint. Gorgeous long red wig that I really didn't do much styling to, and I was good to go :)


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Series Batman
Character Poison Ivy/Pamela Lillian Isley
Variant Arkham Asylum: Living Hell Influenced


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