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Sengoku Basara



Where or where do I even begin. How about why first....
I had just started watching Sengoku Basara and just fell in love with Masamune's character. I really wanted to cosplay him, but I had a fear that I could never pull it off. But I ended saying screw it and did it anyways. Now he is one of my favorite characters!

The shoes are made from yoga mats. I just traced around a pair of flip flops I had and made a bunch of panels. Ended up glueing them together, added the straps and voila!

All the armor is made from craft foam. It was my first time making it, so it's not the best. But I have kept revamping it every time I wear it and now I think it's at the point where I am slightly happy.

The pants, coat and belt, are all made of cotton. The belt and the pants were dyed a deeper blue. For the coat, I used bias tape for around the edges. The symbol on the back was painted on. The tunic is made from jersey.

The gloved, I bought. I had a tough time with the design on the gloves. There are so many references for the characters, and alot of them are different. I ended up having to pick and choose which elements of which I liked. One reference that I saw was that the design on the gloved had like a skeleton design on the. So I propped open my anatomy book and painted the design on it. (I think that is possible one of my favorite parts about this cosplay)

The helmet...the helmet. I had about three different helmets. The first one was too small (My wig is so so thick). The second one, well the crescent kind of got bent and looked really derpy so, couldn't wear that. This one...we good. The top part is made from paper mache, and the panels are all craft foam, same with the crescent.

The swords sheaths are all PVC piping.The swords themselves are toy katanas (Me + Prop making = terrible) And I have blue satin for the "dragon wings"

Finally the eye patch is just black fabric and and old head band. The sock are regular sucks that I tabi socks. And the wig is from Arda


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