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My friend did Psychedelic Dreams Izaya, so I was going to do Psychedelic Dreams Shizuo but my confidence sort of died when my sister was telling me I would suck as Shizuo (TT_TT) I still wanted to be a part of the Psychedelic awesomeness, so I came up with this crazy idea!!

I made Celty's helmet from what used to be Cain's helmet. So a used-to-be motorcycle helmet, with paper clay, sanding, a nice new paint job and some lacquer got turned into this pink creation. The first time I lacquered it, it actually made all the light pink bleed orange (strangely the white and magenta did nothing) so I had to sand it off and re-paint it and re-lacquer it. It really sucked because the second paint job didn't look as good at the first one (TT_TT)

I plan to remake my helmet with better shaping and a better paint job, with shiner lacquering. The second time around I'll actually be installing speakers in the ears. It's my idea of having "headphones" for Celty.

Next convention I'll have my scythe with me too!! (^_^)


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Series Durarara!!
Character Celty Sturluson
Variant Psychedelic Dreams


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