Mouri Ran

Detective Conan



I love Detective Conan, and Ran in particular, so when I decided we were going to do their uniforms I wanted to get something special for them. All three Teitan High uniforms--Ran, Shinichi, and Sonoko--are made from blue wool suiting, rather thick but very nice (and expensive). Unfortunately I've only finished Ran's skirt and vest so far, since the blazer patterns and Shinichi's pants are a bit difficult to work with. They will look fantastic once they're done, though.

My favorite prop for this costume is the gi I picked up for $4 at the thrift store. It's got a judo patch on it at the moment that needs to be removed, but the style (thick and quilted) is exactly right for Ran. Plus it's a perfect fit!

The wigs are the hardest part to figure out. Aoyama draws crazy, illogical hair. Thankfully, I can still be recognized even without Ran's weird bang-horn.


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