Feb 18,2012

My Lavi cosplays are officially retired! I had a lot of fun in a long run with those Lavi cosplays but DGM is dead to me and it's time to move on.

June 4, 2011
Whole outfit is done! Just need to finish up the hammer!
Will debut at A-Kon 22!

Pictures coming soon!
April 20, 2011
Marking off my to-do list!
I've done the following-
~ Fixing the hole in the pants
~ Tailor the pants to fit me
~ Making armwarmers (used children' long gloves from Party City)
~ Modify a 2-string eyepatch (two of them!)
~ Make a new mini hammer and its holder (Need to attach the holder onto the pants)
~ Bought pirate boots from Zeezo's costume store (instead of buying pleather to make coverings for boots since 3rd uniform boots are brown, not black)

I still need to...
~ Modify and add things to the pants (So that it'll be accurate according to the manga and artbook)
~ Modify the pirate boots to look like Lavi's 3rd uniform boots
~ Fix the beads on the uniform, and attach a missing patch.
~ Construct a new, larger hammer
April 5, 2011
Saphira112 gave me the uniform on March 1, 2011, in exchange that I buy her badge for A-kon 22. So the uniform is offically mine now! (Unless Saphira112 wants it back, one can never know XD;)

The outfit is not completed yet, there's still things I need to make modifications on.

Haven't decided on which con to wear this uniform to yet...

January 23, 2011
The uniform is NOT MINE! It belongs to Saphira112 (Go look her up! She's awesome!), this was just a TEST RUN for me as we walked around the campus and take pictures.

Placed under 40% since I only wore the jacket with the scarf along with my 'default' Lavi accessories (Wig, eyepatch, and boots). I know the gloves aren't right but at least they're black and red, so therefore they still match! XD;

Honestly? I LOVE the jacket and the scarf!
When I get the money, I may buy this off Saphira112 (if she's still 100% willing to sell it).
It's soooo comfy!

One of those days, one of those days I shall do the completed 3rd uniform!


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