Harle (Tsukuyomi)

Chrono Cross

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Harle from Chrono Cross

I have wanted to make this costume ever since I saw the character. Something about the colors and the design just stuck out in my head. When a group of friends decided to make costumes from Chrono Cross I used the opportunity to cross this one off my to-do list.

Construction Details:

Outfit: The suit was made from out of red wet look spandex and blue metallic spandex. The gold piping was made by hand and eyelets were hammered into the suit for lacing. The hip fluffs were made by wrapping a marabou boa around some crescent shaped pillows. The pants are made out of a sheer mirror organza, which holds its poofy shape very well. The boobies were made out of model magic.

Cape and Gloves: The cape and gloves were made out of wet look spandex. They have foamies and aluminum floral wire in them to help them keep their shape. All of the gems were made out of model magic.

Hat: The hat was built off of a foshape skull cap. The skull cap helps keep the proper shape and stay smooth even though the hat is made from spandex. The ears were stuffed with fiber fill and have aluminum wire in them to help them stay upright. The gem was made out of model magic.

Makeup: The makeup was a combination of Krylon's aquacolor and supra color. It was set with fixing spray and stayed put very well. I was very pleased with the makeup application.


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Character Harle (Tsukuyomi)


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