Warrior of Light

Dissidia: Final Fantasy



This cosplay was debuted at Anime North 2011, but with a big Dissidia group only at Otakuthon since the said group dissolved into nothingness for Anime North...

The cosplay was updated for Otakuthon, as Anime North was my 'test-try' convention of the year, and because of family issues happening since november I didn't manage to finish everything to my liking...
The boots armor were remade with wonderflex/pleather/craftfoam, and more details to the chest armor were added, and problems with the HEAVY cape (...but, but...it's accurate *shoot head*) was ressolved... More details were also added to the helmet.

Edit: That cosplay was a total killer at a summer convention, forget about makeup with that one, apart from the waterproof eyeliner and mascara nothing stayed on ^^;

Shall be wore again at AN2012, because apparently nearly fainting at Otakuthon wasn't enough to discourage me from wearing it again... x'D

Let's just say it took over 300 hours shall we? ^^;;;

Wonderflex, craft foam, foam ball, pleather, paper mach√©, paperclay, model magic, beads, jewels, wig extensions, sewing thread cone, fimo, fabric medium, acrylic paint, spray paint, sealer, primer, gloss, velcro, elastic, shoe goo and hot glue were the main material for the armor (I'm sure I'm forgetting something @[email protected]).

The sword is mostly pine wood, foam ball, craft foam, pleather, wooden ball, embroidery threads and glass beads, along with primer and sealer, spray and acrylic paints, and gloss.

The shield is plywood, pine wood, wonderflex, craft foam, plumbing tube, pleather, fabric medium, acrylic paint, hot glue and shoe goo. ...and yes, it's more of a weapon than the sword itself, that thing is heavy and made to withstand almost anything ^^;;;


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Series Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Character Warrior of Light


Liliana YOU TOTALLY COMPLETELY ROCK!!! ^O^ My favorite Warrior of Light you.~