RED Sniper

Team Fortress 2



Vest, mold for bullets, custom shirt, and most of the work on the machete were all done by the lovely Ita istar (

Patches are from NeitherSparky through Etsy.

The rest was bought or made by myself. Bullets are cast plastic, pouch and back sheath are leather.


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Series Team Fortress 2
Character RED Sniper


Nightwitch-Kat Your facial expressions are perfect!

3half I got some photos of your Sniper at Katsucon 2012. You can view them at Feel free to steal any you like. Amazing costumes like yours deserve a million photos

LediAishi Sorry for my English. I'm russian... OMG! It's splendid, amazing, fantastic, staggering, cool, awesome, офигенно, потрясно, здорово, великолепно, охренетительно, волшебно! I registred only to say you what it's really the best Sniper in whole world *_* Marry me!))

franz888 amazing job...mate

UziKidding Whoa, you're just like him! You ARE him.

Hopie Oh wow, you're absolutely PERFECT!

eebanee You sir, are all over Tumblr! Amazing job! =D

hardFLAIL You've got a gorgeous rifle, but it's not in any of your pictures?

daughterofhades Your Sniper is amazing! Dare I say you captured his Aussie hotness? haha

AceySpacey I saw you at Acen this year. You were fantastic! :D

Citadel I really appreciate all of the great feedback I've been getting regarding this costume! It was completely unexpected. I'm looking forward to making (and modeling those made for me) more costumes in the future!

Kitchen Viper I salute your amazing Red Sniper. Great Job!

KingTheory I think you're my favorite Sniper ever. Your costume is super accurate and your looks suit him. <3 Never stop.

XenophilePanda You are the best sniper! The whole TF2 tumblr community adores you! Don't ever stop being awesome!

NessaLissesul Oh my god, you make an amazing Sniper <3

Kiwi Delight I absolutely love your sniper. You are so spot on in facial features and you did a great job on the costume.

FynXoyk This is awesome. You win. You are a god compared to the multitudes of terrible Team Fortress 2 cosplays.

Jia Jem I really love these photos. Your looks and personality really suit the character!

Kat326 Your Sniper cosplay is fantastic! Awesome job. :]

KiranS Friggin' love this. You did a great job as him! Snipers a good job, mate!