Ammie as Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Crystal

Cosplayer: Ammie
My Sailor Mercury was in for a remake. My old one was actually an older Sailor Moon fuku I had made and I just made the light blue bows to go on it in a pinch to fill in for a part of a group with Glay and Quantum Destiny at AN 2010. After AN I had found some really beautiful Peau de Soie satin in a fabric store in Toronto that was a gorgeous shade of ocean blue. I bought 2 yards with the intent of remaking my Mercury fuku…….4 years later it finally happened.
Now, one thing I should mention about this fuku…it’s a swappable one. So the skirt, bows and collar all detach from it to swap out to be another scout. In this case the only other scout that will work with it is Pluto because this is the Crystal version of Mercury…meaning she doesn’t have the puffy sleeves. This is closer to the manga version of Mercury.
Once I saw the official artwork for Sailor Moon Crystal I knew Mercury was the first scout I wanted to recreate. I loved her more modern design with the bare arms and the triple earrings. So as I was remaking my basic Mercury this one was also being created. This makes storage so much easier. I have mentioned before as a child Mercury was indeed my favorite scout.

The fuku is white spandex…a very high end spandex that costs an arm and a leg. It is also doubled up for modesty. The fuku looks like a swimsuit with a series of snaps all over it. 1 for the collar, 2 larger snaps for each bow (front and back) and 8 around the hip curve for the skirt to attach to. I used the same pattern for all my other fuku’s only kept the sleeves off. Everything is overlocked serged on the inside for a clean professional look.

Same collar pattern I use which is one I drafted years ago. I still have never altered this pattern because it works the way I want it to. This was interesting to sew the ribbon stripes on…3 bloody rows T_T. Thankfully, I have a double needle that made this process go by a little less painful. A snap was placed on the bottom front that attaches to the bodysuit.

I bought some really nice ice blue duchess satin with the intent to make Mercury’s bows waaaaaay back when I bought the ocean blue Peau de Soie. Using the same bow pattern, I made my front bow and back bow AND a Super bow for the back to swap out on the skirt. I also used this stuff on the boot toppers for the boot covers.

Skirt and Hip roll:
The skirt is made up for 2 drop circles vs the 4. The reason for this is because Peau de Soie is very thick and heavy satin; 4 drop circles would make this thing look like a tutu. I wanted something more subtle and elegant. The 2 circles work really nice and give it a pleated look. I used a narrow hem foot to hem the bottoms. The hip roll is sewn right onto the skirt. The 8 snaps are also sewn to the back underside of the hip roll so it can connect to the fuku.

Glove toppers, Choker, Brooch and Earrings:
The glove toppers were cut on the bias, sewn along the bottom, turned inside out and 3 channels sewn in. I stuffed each channel with craft batting. They sit over a pair of white gloves. The same white gloves I use for my other scout costumes.

The choker is a strip of the satin sewn into a tube then turned inside out, pressed and some Velcro squares sewn on the back for closure.

The brooch is a circle Christmas ornament. An acrylic fillable ornament painted from the inside. Instead of gluing it onto the front bow I glued a piece of craft foam to the back and added a brooch closure. I have also made a heart brooch so the bows can be used for Super, basic and Crystal.

The earrings are 3 rhinestones glued to a piece of foam, then glued to earring backs. I don’t have triple piercing in each ear so I had to make an alternate way to do this. Apparently Ami has really changed from the original show because now she has 3 earrings in each ear.

Boot Covers:
Just spandex pulled over a shoe. If I can find a really nice stretch PVC in blue that comes close to matching my skirt, I will buy a bit and redo the boots. For now the spandex works. I wear flats with the boots so it doesn’t make me any taller than what I stand (5’7)

The wig…I’m not sure what brand it is, I bought it from Cosplayer Kels back in 2010. She used it for her Mercury and I asked where she got it from. She offered to sell it to me because she had no intention of being Mercury again. I gladly bought it. She told me she bought it from eBay…a UK seller apparently.
As for styling, the wig is already kinda short, so it was a bit tricky. I fluffed the bangs out as per usually and fluffed the back out to make it appear more voluminous. I really love the color of the wig.