The Little Mermaid



My biggest cosplay undertaking yet! I decided I wanted to do an Ursula where I had the tentacles rigged to me so I could move them, as well as the eels, and I thought I should go big or go home.

The costume itself is a steel boned bodice as the understructure for support with a foam structure attached to that, which is then covered in spandex. From just below the bust down is all hollow 1/2" thick foam, used to create a continuous silhouette from stomach to tentacles. The back two tentacles are attached to the body while the front six are strung by fishing line to the eels, which are in turn strung to my arms.

My favorite part of the costume by far is the eels. They have secret compartments inside them that store my wallet and stuff! My Secret Eel Compartments are my pride and joy. <3


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Series The Little Mermaid
Character Ursula


LadyCrankypants Aaaaah, SO AWESOME! A gorgeous envisioning of a classic character, the tentacles look great, and eel compartments? Are you freaking kidding me? That's just great forethought!