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For anyone who has not head of Colossalcon, it takes place at the Kalahari Resort, which is known for it's enormous indoor waterpark. It has a decent outdoor one to go with and a good many other fun things to do.

It is also common to see swimsuit edition cosplays, so I decided to make one of my own. I am pretty happy with it, although there are a few things I hope to try adding in, such as some white fins or aqua shoes and perhaps some grey swim goggles to either wear instead of sunglasses or perhaps just to keep strapped around the helmet on the outside.

I am a bit disappointed I didn't get a chance for some picture poolside, but I think this will pretty much become a permanent Colossalcon cosplay, so there will always be next year so to speak for the foreseeable future.


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Character Pool Party Char Aznable


striker0 Considering how much Garma was trying to invite Char into the pool in the Origins manga, this is actually pretty cool.