Miria Harvent




We love Miria and Isaac and we plan on doing even more versions from their outfits in the future!


All our work in progress from these costumes have been moved to: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/237212/

Even after all these years Baccano! is still my #1 anime and Miria and Isaac are my #1 fictional couple!

My boyfriend and I had tons of fun cosplaying as Miria and Isaac a few years ago http://www.cosplay.com/costume/443358/ and that also sparked interest in us to go for more outfits of them! And so...the baseball outfits were decided! Simple and comfortable, but oh-so-much like Miria and Isaac!

These costumes will be quite simple as they will be made of altered existing clothing. Just a small project inbetween to show our love for Miria and Isaac even more!


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Created 6 years ago
Series Baccano!
Character Miria Harvent
Variant Baseball Uniforms


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