Hetalia: Axis Powers



Its based on a Hetalia doujinshi, Radio Star!

The top was bought off eBay as a plain white bikini, and i drew the dots and such with a red fabric marker. Theres also a matching bikini bottom, but you can't see it in these pictures (i'm supposed to unzip the shorts, but it was cold enough already!!)

The jacket is a WW2 Bomber Coat with the details painted on. There IS a 50 on the back.

I love this cosplay so much <3 All the pictures currently up are from a photoshoot on 11/21/2010, at Japantown in San Francisco. Photograohers Beho and RevoGeist. It was a lot of fun ^^ Except, you know, it was FREEZING COLD.

But it was still fun c:


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character America
Variant Radio Star


3XPunkPanther I think your Ameriko cosplay is kinda perfect. I can see you really didn't just take a random jacket and some hot pants and then cosplayed her, but actually looked at the design and thought about it. So yeah, good job and continue the good work :3! (sorry for my bad english)

ChaseMeDaisy Where did you get your boots? I absolutely love your Fem!America cosplay, you did it so well. ^^

BloodsPromises You're an amazing Meriko~ Yours is a really good cosplay!

Junnie Oooooh Radio Star! I remember reading that doujinshi, nice memories ^O^ & you did a great job of Fem!America, hope to see more of her from you! (The official versions perhaps? *W*)

LuckInSpades Hi sorry to leave a message here: I hope it gets sent to your email. I am trying to answer your PM but your inbox is full!

Erzebet I absolutely love your wig, where did you get it?

Hitsutai So adorable! You make a lovely fem!America. <3

hr5566123 you're so cute~i like your cos~

Elf Lady Hey there! You're very cute in this but although it was freezing, you didn't seem too affected! LOL. My daughter and I really loved meeting you. You have so much energy! ^_^

Firefly026 You're so cute!!! Your fem!America turned out great!!

ModernPrincess Adorable!