Grell Sutcliff




Alright, so I'm finally revealing this! XD

Ok, so I've recently watched Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, and immediately fell in love with Grell. I love both his butler version and reaper version. And when I saw his butler version, I thought, "Hey, I can do that cosplay! I have the wig for it!!" All I needed was the coat, to make the neck ribbon, and get the glasses! ^^ I had everything else for it, so I thought, why not put this together?? :'D

Coat was found at the thrift store. I felt SO lucky when I found it!! @[email protected]

Neck ribbon I painted white and then drew the red lines on with a red Sharpie(the wider lines on the back of it were painted on.)

Glasses were a pair of my mom's reading glasses, she has others, so she's letting me keep these. XD The chain was from an old dogtag necklace, I painted it black. :P And used black tape to attach it to the glasses. &gt;.<"

Everything else I had. :P


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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Grell Sutcliff
Variant Butler


Ada-gun I love your version!! You make a very beautiful Grell!!

TheAnimelady Looks nice ^^