Harley Quinn

Batman: Arkham City



The first picture that ever came out of this outfit made me swear I had to make this cosplay cause it's pure awesomeness. When a full body picture came out I was ready to roll. I have a month to finish this and I hope I can make it n_n'

20/11/2010 FUCKING FINISHED :D only slept 4 hours the day of the con but I was so worth it <3 I had a great time and was very pleased with how it looks, even though i'm so happy about the wig and makeup, it's an overall "very good" for me :P I've marked this as 95% cause i'm missing some details in the pants and the tattoos, which I didn't have to make and had no reference of respectively :P i'm sure I will make it loads better next time I use it, but for now it will do n.n


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Series Batman: Arkham City
Character Harley Quinn


skulldouggary What can I say that hasn't been said...awesome cosplay!!!

carladawn OMG so amazing!

Dante Alighieri Se que es mucha molestia pero me podrias explicar como has hecho el cosplay o donde lo has comprado? Gracias!

Harles Where did you find your wig?! I simply cant find one :(

Nebulaluben ¡Genial, es precioso! No conocía este outfit, es una maravilla y te queda de lujo

Jia Jem This is such an adorable look for you! I'm in love with that wig~!

sunny.- quiero hacerte chanchadas

bunbunlikescake wow this is an epic cosplay!