Rei Ryugazaki

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

I cannot believe my life has reached this point.


This cosplay is 100% purchased or preowned, haha. The swimsuit is a Speedo Splice in blue, which I got new off Ebay for a third of the retail price. The wig is an Arda Ferrari in Dark Blue, cut short. It's very barely styled, and includes butterfly hairclips from Gymboree. The Iwatobi jacket was purchased from Ebay, as was the kickboard. I painted on the penguin logo.

The goggles and flipflops I already owned. I'm debuting this cosplay with my group at Shadocon 2013!


Swimsuit: 100%
Wig: 95% (finish up ends, put in clips)
Jacket: 100%
Shoes: 100%
Glasses: 100%
Kickboard: 100%
Goggles: ???
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Series Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Character Rei Ryugazaki

SalyxsaXV Oh my gosh, you make such a cute Fem! Rei, great job! :D <3 I'm actually planning on doing a Fem! Rei myself in June, would it be alright if I messaged you for some tips (i.e. the swimsuit and stuff)?

MelodicMadness That wig is great for fem!Rei, I love it! All of it is looking awesome so far.

Shana05 Can't wait to see this finished.