Hannah Anafeloz

Black Butler



I honestly never expected to be Hannah this year or for my debut as her to be so popular.

The cosplay was purchased off someone a cosplay group on Facebook.

I had it altered to fit me and I had to attach the bow in the back.

The wig is a Le Tigre long from Arda in Periwinkle.

There is a petticoat beneath it to give it poof like she has it in the series.

The purple lipstick from Hot Topic from their Blackheart collection.

The bandage is put on before I put the wig on, it's wrapped around and then the wig sits on top of it. I plan to fix it for the next convention.


The cosplay has been extremely updated since the last time.

The wig is an Athena in Ice Purple from Epic Cosplay and a lot messier like she has it in the series.

Also, the hoopskirt is much larger as well and there is now boning inside of the apron.

More Updates:

The wig has been updated to a Delilah in Periwinkle from Arda.

The lipstick is Popsicle Dream from Jeffree Star.


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Character Hannah Anafeloz


Red Destiny You make an outstanding Hannah!! Always love seeing other Black Butler cosplayers ^v^