Sheryl Nome

Macross Frontier



With the exception of the earring, gloves and the bracelet, which all were purchased from eBay, everything was self-made.

For the shirt, I heavily modified a pattern in order to make the sleeves and collar more reference-like. The fabric is simply some cotton mix suitable for shirts.

The dress was pretty much self-patterned, and considering my limited pattern-making skills and the fact that I had to struggle with a limited amount of fabric, I'm very happy with the outcome (although for future wears, I'd like to fix a few things). The skirt part basically consists of two over-sized half-circle skirts which gradually become longer towards the back and front middle of the dress. The extra width around the waist is gathered with an elastic band. The dress is fully lined and has also an open back as seen in the reference photos, although it rarely shows in the photos. The main fabric of the dress is wool gabardine, which makes this dress super comfortable to wear even in the summer!

The boots, beret and collar bow were all self-made as well. In order to achieve the look of Sheryl's lovely boots, I covered pre-owned boots with faux suede. For the beret, I used the same blue fabric as for the dress and some black polyester I had lying around. Similar to the dress, the hat is lined. The bow is made of satin (duchesse from what I recall), and I designed and ordered the two buttons at Wacky Buttons.

This costume has been worn at three conventions so far: Desucon Frostbite 2012, Desucon 2013 and Animecon X (2013).


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Series Macross Frontier
Character Sheryl Nome
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