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Oh God, where do I even begin. D:

First, yes, the uniform was just bought, but the entire 3DM Gear was completely built by me.

The breakdown (taking a deep breath):

-The sheathe boxes: used cardboard to create the base, with foam for inner structure, then added a layer of sintra on top of the cardboard. The brackets for the gas tank were also made from sintra. And those are real metal (but non-functioning) springs in the sides.

- Gas tank: I used various PVC connectors for the nozzle pieces, and the gas tank is made from several Smart Water bottles (good refreshing stuff). It looks less smooth than the PVC pipe I was originally going to use, but it definitely cut down on the final weight.

- Grappling hook launchers: I cannabalized and reconfigured parts from some toy rifles, covered up gaps and imperfections with Fixit, and added details to them using sintra and PVC pipe pieces.

- The back:
- Cable rotors: All sintra with patterns I drew myself with a PVC pipe inside for support. The rivets were sculpted with Fixit.

- Exhaust: All Sintra with the top dome-like part and rivets sculpted with Fixit

- Swords: The handles were traced from some concept drawings and cut/traced out onto sintra. The blade itself is made from sintra covered with aluminum tape and the lines made with a scoring tool. I may change this to wood if it's possible since the sintra tends to be very flimsy.

Everything was pretty much screwed into the harness, but the boxes had to be supported with fishing wires connected to my harness.

There's some more parts that needs to be built and added, and some pieces fixed here and there, but I'm glad of how everything has come out.

TL;DR - Lots of Sintra, PVC, cardboard, Fixit.


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Viveeh That is beyond cool!

RobbyKun Thank you Starlit Rose :D I appreciate the compliment! And good luck to you on your 3DM Gears, I'm glad that my pics and everything can help a little.

Starlit Rose I saw you at AFest and was sooo mad I didn't have my camera with me when I passed you! Holy moly, you looked spot-on. Your 3DM gear is especially impressive. Thanks for taking so many in-progress photos and explaining how you made it. My friends and I are about to embark on the 3DM gear project, and if ours turns out looking half as nice as yours, I'll be thrilled.

RobbyKun Thank you Overbeck :D You got some real nice Bleach cosplays btw

Overbeck Nice job on your 3dm gear.