So far, even though the make-up is horror to put on, this is my favourite costume so far.

I recently made some modifications to the wig, to create the bangs Yoruichi has. Comparing it to older photo's, this looks much better!

The orange vest was made by altering a pattern for a wrap cardigan.

The shoes started out as cheap, but sturdy (rubber sole and nose) ballerinas. I cut everything but the nose and heel away from the shoe and I patterned out the places I wanted my pleather to go to create the shoe Yoruichi has. I then sewed everything on by hand.

The leg-armor was made by sewing the same pleather onto crafting foam, with an elastic added to keep it to my leg, and attached the flap to the top strap of my shoe with a few stitches to prevent it slipping.

The turtleneck and leggings are store bought.
I used Ben Nye to darken my skintone. The first time I used it, it was a rainy day so I didn't dare to go outside. When I was under the shower that night, I realised I had been an idiot, as even the shower didn't wash it off that easily.

I realize that there is a lot of discussion on darkening your skintone for cosplay.

That discussion doesn't seem to be active here in the Netherlands. Before I decided to do this, I also asked people of colour for their opinion on this, both from strangers and friends and colleagues. None seemed to mind. :)


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Series Bleach
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Variant Orange gi


celticzombie Great job. The wig looks excellent. ^^