Yuffie Kisaragi

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



I take no credit for this whatsoever.
Headband: My mom made it.

Vest: I bought a jacket and my mom modified it. She added the zippers and whatnot to it.

Tank top: I bought the tank top, my mom shortened it, and my friend Katie painted on the design with white fabric paint.

Shorts: I bought the shorts, and my mom added the stuff on. The little flap thingy is removable in case I want to wear the shorts without the costume. The pouch my mom made from craft foam and fabric, and its velcroed onto the flap thingy.

Socks: I bought the socks 3 or 4 years ago at Hot Topic.

Shoes: Purchased from Refuse to be Usual on ebay. I want to change the laces out for white ones at some point.

Wristband: Bought at Sport's Authority

Sleeve: Made from the sleeve that was cut off. I'm a derp though and put the bias tape on the wrong way, so I have to redo that. >.>

Wig: Its actually my Jill wig. It worked just as good! ^_^

Materia: I used Reginalovexox's tutorial over in the tutorial forum. It worked out really well, and I hope to make more colors at some point! ^_^

We ran out of time to make the shuriken, but that will be debuted at the next convention.

Overall this was last minute again, but i'm super greatful to my mom and Katie. I had alot of fun wearing this, its really comfy. ^^


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
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