Elzy as Zagi


Tales of Vesperia

Cosplayer: Elzy
I decided to cosplay Zagi for Finnish Tales' (our Tales cosplay group) Vesperia group. I'm yet to buy the game so I haven't played it that much yet, but I did watch all the scenes I could find of Zagi. His character is very different from me - I couldn't pull off those expressions to save my life - but his hair is pretty epic which is possibly the biggest reason I wanted to cosplay him. :---D (Also, Yuri was taken and I figured that someone taller will make a better Duke.)

The wig was, unsurprisingly, the most difficult part of the costume. I'm not happy with the blond parts because the fibers keep coming off and they don't stay in shape. Also, the hairline is a bit awkward, but other than that I'm pretty happy with the result! I mean, this was the first time I had to make a hairline and a multicolour wig, so it could be much worse~

I've never made a bodysuit before but since it's stretching fabric, it forgave me a bit. The red(dish) parts are made out of a thin cotton but I used two layers to make it more stiff. Belts are pleather. I've never made full bootcovers, either, so they turned out kinda wrinkled. ;w; And of course, TAPES EVERYWHERE.

The blades were kinda fun to make~ My dad sawed them out of plywood and partially sanded them, I finished the sanding and painted them and gave the red blade that little 3D effect. I'm pretty happy with the result! I was gonna make the sheaths as well but got lazy, lol.

Too bad that my lack of expression kinda kills the costume. ;w;