Ensign Ro Laren

Star Trek: The Next Generation



My friend wanted to do Ensign Ro and Commander Riker for Halloween last year. He couldn't find the outfit, so eventually I made one for both of us. The first time I wore it, I did makeup for the nose ridges. The second time, I used Sculpey. The earring is just some stuff we thought looked neat and would work from a local jewelry place. The pip is a brad from the craft store. I used a light stretch suiting material for the red and black, and piping around the collar, which was interfaced with tricot interfacing to ensure it would still stretch. We went for the waistband style uniform, rather than the jumpsuit, because it was fast, cheap, and easy. XD And, in certain parts of the series, accurate! :'D


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Series Star Trek: The Next Generation
Character Ensign Ro Laren


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