Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



Yeah... so... this costume was fun. Basically I had it planned out and the pieces cut out for months in advance, but due to a nasty combination of school, work, and a competition, I basically had no time to actually start putting it together until a few weeks before the con. Me being crazy, I thought this was an awesome idea, and so began several weeks of stress and little sleep. But hey, I'm happy with the result overall and had a great time at the con hanging out with my Syaoran!

Not too much to say construction wise here because there are lots of parts I want to remake or improve on. Highlights are dem sleeves (they took me FOREVER), the details are all painted (including gold trim), and I dyed the light pink cotton myself.

I'll be wearing this again at Otakuthon with improvements! :)


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Sakura


TiaLuna How did you go about making the orb? :D looks wonderful

Athel Beautiful, beautiful cosplay! <3