Mio Akiyama




The whole dress is made of satin but inside-out so its not incredibly shiny. The ruffles were hand gathered then sewn on, it was a looong process but it was fun haha. There's interfacing in the bow and it's detachable so I can wear the dress for normal clothes too. The skirt is a circle skirt xD I like twirling in it. I also wear a petticoat for a nice poof to it.

I jumped into the group last-minute so I didnt have time to get a wig &gt;.< So I just used my hair. I really think its turned out well though.

The hat was really simple to make. All it is is foamie, cardstock on the bottom rim for thickness, ribbon and a hairclip glued on the bottom.


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Series K-On!
Character Mio Akiyama
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