WARPAINTandUnicorns as Okumura Yukio & Rin

Okumura Yukio & Rin

Ao no Exorcist

Paladin / School Uniform

Cosplayer: WARPAINTandUnicorns
I was initially going to go as Rin for Anime North but when I saw Yukio go crazy at the end of the anime. I had to do it. Plus I love TEAL!

Thus why I had already made a lot of Rin's items that DireKitty used, and I've added to this gallery.

Wigs from Arda: Yukio was a Derek in Dark Brown, and Rins was a Magnum in Dark Blue. Both were custom dyed with Dylon fabric dye in Ebony to create darker hues similar to the anime shades.

There is no glow effect added to the indoor photos through processing on the flames. It's just the lighting from above, the organza fabric reflecting that light and the one white LED glowing inside each flame.

Here is the tutorial!

The tie I got a white zip-up one off eBay for an adult and heat n bond on a 1/8" ribbon black ribbon to it for the cross at the knot. There is no way to create this a with a standard tie and have all the lines line up.

The Teal Twill I got from Fabric.com when it comes to the standard fabric they have the best selection in shades.

Rin costume sold to iSeika. www.cosplay.com/member/176226