Ashelia B'Nargin Dalmasca (Ashe)

Final Fantasy XII



3 months of work well paid off! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love this dress soooo much!~ And it was one of the most challenging sewing pieces I have ever done.

I originally wanted to make Ashe's wedding dress like a year ago... I bought the fabric and everything! Once I had started cutting out the dresses shape, I had then realized how difficult this cosplay really was... I ended up giving up! DUE TO FUSTERATION!!! I knew I was in big trouble.. as I had THOUGHT I had destroyed it, by cutting it all wrong, and I couldn't fix what I had already cut... So out of sadness thinking I wrecked my new fabric and wasted my money, I threw the unfinished dress into the very back of my drawers.... and did not touch it again till a year later... I was 1 year into cosplaying then. >>;;; Give me some credit for trying a difficult piece at least lol. But now that I am more leveled up on sewing, I figured out that I could fix it up after all! I'm so happy that I was able to make this dress finally! A dress that I wanted to do last year, hahaha. *twirls around the room all happy!!* XD

I used NO pattern to make this nightmare dress. :x I basically wrapped the fabric around myself, and cut it all on me whilst I was wearing it!! :x (I had no dressform) When I had finished all that, I lined it all after.

All the armor is made from craftfoam and cereal boxes (MY FAV THINGS TO USE!!) I cut out close to around 1,000 pieces of armor. o____o It was extremely time consuming, it was almost torture lol. (a little bit over a week of work) (THE DRESS WAS STILL MORE OF A NIGHTMARE THOUGH) Dx

I also used fabric paint by hand all along the bottom of the dress, all free handed. that took about 3 days of work?

Total cost of this costume was around $80. some of the things I bought for her I didn't even use all up.

Oh... I love this dress so much... I def want to wear it again (MAYBE I'LL HAVE A RASLER BY THEN!! <33 SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 8DDDDD


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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (Ashe)
Variant Wedding dress


Liliana Thank you both very much!~ ^___^ And SayokoSun, there's a lot of tips I can explain! It'd probably take me all day to type it all out lol. I'd advice to save up a lot of money for this cosplay, it will be an expensive one! Using krinlin in the dress is almost a must too, not only does it help you walk, but makes the dress more (stiff?) and poofy at the bottem, and not flat and floppy. ^^ I found that for me, spending more money on the krinlin was TOTALLY worth it. Feel free to message me anytime about Ashe if you have any specific questions.~ ^^ I'd be happy to help out whatever I can.

SayokoSun OMG... THIS IS MY DREAM COSTUME!!! This is absolutely gorgeous, and extremely crafty! Could you give me any tips for making an Ashe wedding dress?

DarkFF666 Great job, as usually =D You did an amazing Ashe with ... cereal boxes XD I like your way to work and the materials you use !