Masquerade Armor

Guild Wars 2

Oh, wow, a costume showcase! I'm honored, thank you so much to for the feature ^^ I genuinely appreciate all of the comments and words of support, you guys are wonderful!

Revealing my newest cosplay! I've been an active player of Guild Wars for 5+ years now and it's easily my favorite game of all time. I absolutely fell in love with concept art for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 and decided it was time to show my devotion to the game through cosplay. This is based off of Shining Blade artwork, although it's also wearable by players as scholar armor ingame.

This was my project for the better part of a year, and I spent a huge amount of time making it as accurate as possible, despite the overwhelming detail of the reference artwork. All of the armor and gems were made from scratch, and the bodice, gloves, and purple overskirt designs were hand-painted. This was my first resin-casting and extensive armor project, and it was definitely a learning experience!
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Series Guild Wars 2
Character Masquerade Armor

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Gryphus This is not Shining Blade from Guild Wars 2. Shinning Blade wears a completely different armor. This is the "masquerade armor set". PD: Everyone is saying this is a Shining Blade cosplay because the cosplayer made it prior launch, based on a concept art on "creative uncut" website where it was erroneously labeled as Shinning Blade". This is how Shinning Blade looks:

Maefe Amazing job! :DDD

SugarDust Such a beautiful cosplay!

Mi-chan4 This is awesome work. I wish I could see that in real *___*

Katsuya-danna This is so amazing and unreal! Fantastic job! OAO

Spinni Dear lord, this is absolutely amazing! How did you even get that on and be able to transport yourself?! The detail you put in is gorgeous and your figure only makes it better. I hope to see much more from you because you have talent!

joanna0742 amazing!

HammieGirl14 I posted this on the Guild Wars 2 facebook page btw...

kataelli I also saw this in one of AcksonL's video's and I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped. This costume is absolutely STUNNING. Incredible work and congratulations on the well-deserved showcase! Your attention to detail is AMAZING!

Imperia I just love your cosplay and it's wonderful that it got DD and showcase! Alberti

Fabulousity HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! That's amazing!!!!!

lulafairy24 This is BEYOND AMAZING! Love it

Jaquii This costume so ridiculously deserved a showcase! What incredible craftsmanship!!!

NatMorta Absolutely stunning....

strangewater Congrats on the showcase!

SailorAndromeda Oh I'm so glad this was showcased so I can finally know what it is! I saw this in one of Ackson's videos and was just BLOWN AWAY by it! You did a fantastic job, I wish I could have seen this in person :)

Valian Thank you for doing this! I've been looking at this artwork since it came out, wondering how anyone was going to match the awesomeness of it in a costume. YOU, have DONE IT! You really deserve the showcase and the applause of all your fellow Guild Wars players =] I'll be looking for you in-game!

Rexluna I saw this in person and holy moly, you looked amazing! What did you use for the armor?

Suzie Blue I saw this cosplay in one of Ackson's recent con videos and my jaw DROPPED! You are utterly phenomenal, as is this costume. This is above and beyond anything I have ever seen. Fabulously wonderful work.