Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy VII



As much as I love FF7, this costume is a terrible design and Squaresoft should feel terrible for coming up with it.

It's a costume that I've had in mind for a few years, and because I had that long to think about it, I got very particular about how I wanted to do it. It's such a simple design that I felt like the look wouldn't work without attention to what the costume has in the way of details.

I eventually realized that there was no way in hell I wanted to be left alone while in a Tifa costume, so I asked Ammie and Straywind to be Aeris and Yuffie because I felt that they would be very well-suited to those characters. We first wore them to Youmacon 2011 for a FF7 group, then a few of us re-worked our costumes and did a group at Anime North 2012.

It's actually hilarious just how little you can do in this costume when tromping around at a convention? Sit down comfortably? NOPE. Run? NOPE. Walk more than 10 steps without voyeuristic fanboys yelling at you? NOPE. Be comfortable in the weather regardless of whether it's fall, spring, or summer? NOPENOPENOPE. Seriously, I was shivering outside wearing this at Youmacon and sweltering both indoors and out at Anime North. The clothing is skimpy but the wig and gloves/sleeves like to trap heat. I can never win!!

This costume is ridiculous and makes no sense and how anyone manages to feel empowered wearing it in a "I am a capable person who is equipped to kick ass" sort of way, I don't know. Although, once I got past how fundamentally silly her whole look is, it was a great oppotunity for me to explore the character and play with her personality a bit.

But actually, Square's character designs win the prize for ridiculousnes forever.

The top and skirt were patterns that I drafted and sewed in about an hour out of extra fabric I had around. The top is spandex and the skirt is a polyester with a bit of stretch to it. The gloves were workout gloves I found at Sear's and the sleeves were a pair of trousers socks that I cut to have finger holes so I could wear them over my arm. The materia detail on my gloves were from a pair of clip earrings that I never wore, so I removed the earring back and glued the gems onto the glove. I already had the belt and the boots were my old workshop boots from when I did crew work during theatre school. The armor plating on the boot as well as the elbow were leather pieces crafted by TheLetterJay. My wig came from EpicCosplay and I cut and styled the bangs myself.


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