Dirk Strider




So I had originally planned to just cosplay Bro from the beta timeline in Homestuck. Then the alpha timeline came out.

Then I cracked again.

I hand-painted the shirt again without a stencil and put on my black pants and some black boots. I always imagined Bro in both timelines having some sort of combat-style shoe, at least, and I loved my boots for it.

The wig was a present from a friend to improve my Dave, and I fluffed it up into Dirk Strider instead. The black motorbike gloves I've had for years (and now they have a purpose, yay!)

As far as the glasses go, I did order them, but because of their large size, I'll be remaking them out of plexiglass myself and making it more accurate.

One of my best guy friends, James, ended up cosplaying Jake English at Wasabi as a surprise birthday gift to me, and we hung out the entire time (doing fanservice, kissing, all that jazz).

Photo credits to everyone at Wasabi and at the Homestuck photoshoot.


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Series Homestuck
Character Dirk Strider
Variant Alpha Timeline


iHateDuckButt Hand painted? Whoa! What kind of paint did you use? This is fabulous<3