Neo Angelique ~Abyss~



This was a really fun cosplay. I made it the week before my friend Tsukasa325 came to visit and we went around dressed as Bernard and Roche during her visit.

I made the vest, armband, and covers for the shoes. The shoes were from my Jonghyun cosplay and my wig was from my Frau cosplay. The pants I found at the local store and the shirt was given to me by Tsukasa325. Then the notepad I found at the local CVS. ^_^

Overall, I had a ton of fun wearing this cosplay. Having a Roche around was a ton of fun as well. We did a shoot, so I hope to get photos of it up here soon. There are a couple on my DA account which is linked to my profile. Anyway, hope you like it! :)


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Series Neo Angelique ~Abyss~
Character Bernard
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Uerria Omg you look awesome! :D