Ezio Auditore & Cristina Vespucci

Assassin's Creed II



Assassins Creed 2: Ezio Auditore & Cristina Vespucci

Ezio Auditore & Cristina Vespucci: Both Commissioned Cosplay's who we ran into issue's with so won't be giving out the source.

Special Thanks to: Carange2 Cosplay for helping me pay for Cristina Vespucci.

Photographers: Various People it will say on photo's
Photo's taken at: RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg ,St Boniface Cathedral & Manitoba Legislative Building

Debuted at Ai-Kon 2012 at the RBC Convention Centre

This is our 2nd Couple Cosplay together that we love to do together and always will make an appearance no matter how many future one's we get to do together.


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Series Assassin's Creed II
Character Ezio Auditore & Cristina Vespucci


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