Fate/Stay Night



Armor: Galvanized steel that was bent by hand and using a rubber mallet with a rock as an anvil. Details were applied with blue Sharpie. Metal panels were glued to black sueded leather. Body pieces come apart at the sides for ease of equipping the armor. Gauntlets and skirt plates were riveted using a pop-rivet gun after the holes were drilled. Skirt plates are removable as they are attached to a leather belt (and they have to be for me to sit down :P) Finger plates were glued to gloves. Leg armor is a combination of the steel and costume pleather.

Under dress: Made from a historical pattern using bleached muslin. Bottom detail is leaf eyelet hand cut to match alternating pattern with yellow/gold diamonds hand painted.

Over dress: Actually a skirt and jacket made from 2 separate patterns with additional pieces added to get the correct style. Made with royal blue Kona cotton. Line details are grosgrain ribbon sewn on. Bottom front detail on the armor skirt front is hand painted. Bead/tassels are hand sculpted using sculpey III clay and painted silver.

The dress can be worn without the armor and debuted as a partially finished Saber at NDK 2011.


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Series Fate/Stay Night
Character Saber
Variant Battle dress


gypsy_girl Fabulous costume. I really like the photos in the historic location. Very nice.